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Supervised Students

Ph.D Students


 1- Ms. Raheleh Malekian

Thesis: The Effect of Natural Zeolite and Surfactant– Modified Clinoptilolite Zeolite on Nitrate Leaching and Corn Growth, 2011

 2- Mr. Mohammad Abdolhosseini

Thesis: Improving the Quality of Polluted Water with Lead, Mercury, Nitrate and TDS Using Modified Bone Ash by Nano Zero-Valent Iron Particles

 3- Ms. Monireh Biabanaki

Thesis: Downscaling of Global Climate Models Data by Spectral Analysis for Using in Investigating Rainfed Wheat Yield

 4- Mr. Seyed Alireza Gohari

Thesis:  Adaptation Strategies to Different Probability Levels of Climate Change Impacts on Zayandeh-Rud River Basin’s Water Resources by System Dynamics Approach

 5- Mr. Mohammad Javad Amiri

Thesis: Improving the Quality of Polluted Water with Lead, Mercury, Nitrate and TDS Using Modified Bone Ash by Nano Zero-Valent Iron Particles

 6- Mr. Mohammad Javad Zareian

Thesis: Investigation of Water Allocation in Zayandeh-Rud Dams under Climate Change Considering the Optimization of Water Resources and Consumptions

7- Mr. Shahpoor Koohestani

Thesis: Under Going

8- Mr. Mojtaba Ramezani

Thesis: Under Going

9- Ms. Maryam Bani Hashemi

Thesis: Under Going

10- Mr. Abbas Sedgh Amiz

Thesis: Under Going

11- Mr. Reza Shah Mohammadi

Thesis: Under Going

12- Ms. Zohreh Dehghan

Thesis: Under Going

13- Mr. Mohammad Hossein Rahimian

Thesis: Under Going

14- Mr. Ahmad Rajabi

Thesis: Under Going

Graduate Students


1- Mr. Mohammad Reza Ghazavi

Thesis: Compare of Calcareous and Non Calcareous Basins to the Amount of Surface Runoff and Rivers Discharge, 1997

 2- Mr. Mehrdad Ataei

Thesis: The evaluation of sprinkler and trickle irrigation system in Isfahan province and investigation the possibility of improvement, 1997

 3- Mr. Vali Salimi

Thesis: Estimation of  instantaneous peak discharge for some of the western catchments of Iran, 1997

 4- Mr. Mohammad Reza Rahro Esfahani

Thesis: Estimation of urban stormwater peak discharge for southern distric of  Isfahan , 1998

 5- Mr. Keyvan Farzamnia

Thesis: The Application of Multivariate Statistical Methods in Regional Analysis of Flood in Karkheh River Basins, 1998

 6- Mr. Seyed Hasan Tabatabaei

Thesis: Mathematical and Management Model of Fridan Groundwater Aquifer  Based on  Artificial Recharge, 1998

 7- Mr. Sattar Chavoshi Brojeni

Thesis: Regionalization of Maximum Flood Discharge Estimate Using the Hybrid Method in Arid Regions, 1998

 8- Mr. Mohammad Zare Ernani

Thesis: Depth-Area-Durstion relationship analysis in Yazd-Ardakan plain, 1998

 9- Mr. Jafar Jamshid Nejad Anbarani

Thesis: Estimate of Runoff Coefficient in Caspian Sea Basins, 1999

 10- Mr. Mohammad Ali Izadbakhsh

Thesis: Determination of  relationship  between  maximum mean daily discharge with physiographic characteristics in western catchment of  Iran, 1999

 11- Mr. Ahmad Rajabi

Thesis: Evaluation of  Empirical Relationships for Estimation of Intantaneous Peak Flow Discharge in Western Catchments of  Iran, 1999

 12- Mr. Alireza Zarei

Thesis: Evaluating of Low Flow Regional Frequency Analysis Techniques in Mazandaran Basins, 1999

 13- Mr. Hossein Hozi

Thesis: Assessing the most causes overused groundwater in Yazd– Ardakan plain, 1999

 14- Mr. Khosro Shahidi Hemedani

Thesis: Effective factors of desertification in the Ghahvand plain of Hamadan , 1999

 15- Mr. Ahmad Mehrabi

Thesis: Estimating of Suitable Empirical Relations for Estimate the Watershed Centralization Times, 2000

 16- Mr. Arash Mahdavi

Thesis: Evaluation of Soil Hydrologic Groups and its Impact on the Hydrological Characteristics of Golabad-Ardestan Region, 2000

 17- Mr. Jafar Kia Heyrati

Thesis: Assessing the efficiency of the flood water spreading system in Moghar plain, Isfahan province, 2000

 18- Mr. Alireza Amiri Maleki

Thesis: Management, optimization and simulation for an optimum distribution of water in Kalamarz multi-reservoir system, Mianeh basin, 2001

 19-  Mr. Mohammad Taghi Sattari

Thesis: Management, optimization and simulation for an optimum distribution of water in Kalamarz multi-reservoir system, Mianeh basin, 2001

 20- Mr. Kazem Nosrati

Thesis: Regional Analysis of Low Flow in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions (Case Study: Atrac Basin), 2001

 21- Mr. Ramin Naderi

Thesis: Measurement and estimation of evaporation from some dam reservoirs in Khorasan province, 2002

 22- Mr. Mahmoud Salehan

Thesis: Influence of stone cover, slope and rainfall intensity on runoff  and infiltration, 2003

 23- Mr. Hossein Payandeh

Thesis: Hydrogeomorphology of Gukan River Basin, 2003

 24- Mr. Ahmad Goudarzi

Thesis: Assessing  performance of the Bagh-e-Sorkh flood water and artificial recharge system on water table quality and quantity, 2003

 25- Mr. Reza Modares

Thesis: Hydrologic Drought Using Time Series Analysis in Upstrem Zayandehrud River, 2003

 26- Mr. Hossein Feizi

Thesis: Comparison of Estimated Maximum Monthly Rainfall in Some Stations of Isfahan Using Maximum Likelihood and L-Moments Methods, 2003

 27- Mr. Nima Najafi

Thesis: Frequency analysis of mean monthly runoff using L-moment, 2004

 28- Ms. Monireh Biabanaki

Thesis: Analyasis of low flow by hybrid method in Karkheh basin , 2004

 29- Mr. Hamid Reza Askari

Thesis: Estimation of storm water for regions with flooding problem in Isfahan city , 2005

 30- Ms. Naeimeh Rahimi

Thesis: Investigation of hydrologic situation and surface water resources changes in Bouin Plain , 2005

 31- Ms. Badri Hajar Zadeh

Thesis: Space-Regional Impacts of Increasing Agriculture Water Salinity of Najafabad City Based on Wastewater Recycling, 2006

 32- Ms. Mojgan Salehi

Thesis: Effects of Water Stress and Pests on Bean Yield, 2007

 33- Mr. Farhood Fakoori

Thesis: Effect of Crassola and Haloxylon roots, irrigated by treated wastewater on shear resistance of soil, 2007

 34- Mr. Mohsen Ghasemi

Thesis: Determining of Meteorological and Hydrological  Indices in Karkheh River Basin, 2008

 35- Mr. Mojtaba Ramezani

Thesis: Flood Zoning for Pelasjan River Using GIS and HEC-RAS, 2008

 36- Mr. Hamed Ayati

Thesis: Modeling of North Mahyar Plain Groundwater Using MODFLOW Model, 2008

 37- Mr. Javad Nasiri

Thesis: Qualitative assessment of groundwater-surface water interaction using statistical methods (Shazand  aquifer case study), 2008

 38- Mr. Alireza Gohari

Thesis: Using of nanoparticles for production of filler materials for expansion and shrinkage joints in concrete water conveyance canals, 2008

 39- Mr. Mohammad Javad Amiri

Thesis: Estimation Evapotranspiration in Greenhouse, 2008

 40- Ms. Elham Ghaheri

Thesis: The effects of irrigation regime and hydrogel application on phytoremediation of  petroleoum contaminated soil, 2009

 41- Mr. Mohammad Javad Khordadi

Thesis: Impact of Climate Change on Evapotranspiration in Some Regions of Iran, 2009

 42- Mr. Mirhossein Zarif

Thesis: The Role of Elements Casing  the Hardness of Drinking Water in Inadequacy of Fluor and Resulting Environment Effects (A case study in Ghochan District), 2009

 43- Mr. Hadi Hasanzadeh

Thesis: Determination Some New Drought Indices and Regional Frequency Analysis using L-Moment, 2010

 44- Mr. Mohammad Javad Zareian

Thesis: Determination of Water Requirement and Crop Coefficient of Some Greenhouse Crops, 2010

 45- Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Bateni

Thesis: Application of Localization in Estimating Groundwater Level using Deterministic Ensemble Kalman Filter , 2010

 46- Ms. Azam Teimouri

Thesis: Water Quality Indices and the Concentration of Selected Heavy Metals in Bed Sediments of Zayendehroud River, 2010

 47- Ms. Moazam Khaleghi

Thesis: Investigation of the Sorption Kinetic Behavior of Some Chemical Elements in Unconventional Waters by Tire Chips in Porous Medium, 2010

 48- Mr. Seyed Yahya Hasheminejad

Thesis: Modeling Phytromediation of Polluted Soils with Nickel, 2011

 49- Mr. Ahmad Rajabi

Thesis: Assessment of climate change and its effects on the drought in the Kermanshah Province, 2011

 50- Mr. Seyed Hossein Sadeghi

Thesis: Effect of Freeze-Thaw Phenomenon on Soil Erosion and Runoff of a Clay Loamy Soil, 2011

 51- Mr. Hanif Abdoli

Thesis: Estimation of Evapotranspiration Using Surface Balance Algorithm for Land (SEBAL) and Satellite Images , 2011

 52- Mr. Farid Peiude

Thesis: Mahabad River Basin Snowmelt Runoff Simulation Using Snowmelt Model, 2011

 53- Mr. Mohammad Reza Farzaneh

Thesis: Evaluation of Multiple Linear SDSM model uncertainties on river runoff, 2011

 54- Mr. Seyed Amin Mostafavi

Thesis: Assessing Different Strategy Managements in Maize Productivity and Climate Simulation Using DSSAT Software Package in Isfahan, 2011

 55- Mr. Mohsen Nekouei

Thesis: Modeling Natural and Artificial Recharge of Shahreza Plane and Effect of Artificial Recharge on Quality of Groundwater , 2011

 56- Mr. Hossein Talebmorad

Thesis: Impact of Climate Change on Surface and Groundwater Reservoirs in Hamedan– Bahar Using Hydrogeosphere, 2012

 57- Miss. Razieh Molaei

Thesis: Effect of Wastewater, Pumice and Zeolite on Cadmium Uptake by Spinach (Spinacia Oleares L.), 2012

 58- Ms. Marzieh Esmaeilzadeh

Thesis: Investigating Some Characteristic of Flow in Rectangular Side Sluice Gate, 2012

 59- Ms. Elaheh Sadat Banihashemi

Thesis: Unsaturated zone flow  modeling using GroundWater Vistas  software  and  its  influence on ground water level  (Case study: Birjand Aquifer), 2012

 60- Mr. Amir Farbod Abdolvandi

Thesis: Simultaneous Simulation of both Surface and Groundwater Resources Using System
 Dynamics Approach (Case Study :Taleghan Dam)

 61- Ms. Seyedeh Zahra Hosseini

Thesis: Effect of Submerged Guide Vanenes on Performance of Trinagular Labyrinth Weirs

 62- Mr. Ehsan Abroshan

Thesis: Armoring Effectvon LocalScouring Around Cylindrical Group Piers

 63- Ms. Sadaf Moradizadegan

Thesis: Determination of Water requirment Cucumber in Various Soilless Condition

 64- Ms. Neda Azam

Thesis: Redusing Nitrate from Aqueous Solution Using Natural Bentonite and Surfactant Modified Bentonite

 65- Mr. Sattar Saraeian

Thesis: The Impact of Climate Change on Prediction of the Future of Wet and Dry periods in Some Parts of Iran Using SDSM Model

 66- Mr. Mohammad Esmaeil Naseri

Thesis: Development of a Combined Droght Index for Isfahan Province

67- Mr. Seyed Saeed Okhravi

Thesis: Effect of Flow Distribution on?Hydrolic Behavior and Treatment Efficiency of a Constructed

68- Mr. Milad Naderi Bani

Thesis: Impact of Climate Change on the Future Peak Discharge (Case Study :Behesht Abad Basin)

69- Ms. Maedeh Moslehi

Thesis: Determination of Water Consumption of Lettuce and Spinach with Different Salinities of Water in Various Soilless Conditions

70-Ms. Somyeh Rahimi Khoshooei

Thesis: Impact of Climate Change on the Probability of the first Fall Frost and the Last Spring Frost

71- Mr. Reza Bahadori

Thesis: Evaluation of Anoxic Biological treatment efficiency for Organic, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal from Wastewater

72- Mr. Mohsen Pishva

Thesis: Investigation of Aerobic Biological Treatment Efficiency by Changing Media Specific Surface for Organic, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal from Wastewater

73- Mr. Hadi saeedi Rashk Olya

Thesis: Impact of climate change on Flows in Zayandeh-Rud Basin

74- Mr. Maseood Zareyi Fard

Thesis: Impact of Climate Change on Rainfall Patterns in Zayandeh-Rud Dam Basin

75- Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Kohansal

Thesis: Industrial Wastewater Treatment Using Nono-Filter In coparation with Chemical Method For Agricultural, Landscape and Industrial Purposes

76- Ms. Hamideh Molaei

Thesis: Determining the Optimum mixture of Industrial Wastewater Using Nano-Filter Procedure Water for Industrial and Agricultural Purposes

77- Mr. Farshad Jalil Piran

Thesis: Precipitation Estimation in Mountanous Regions of Zayandeh-Rud Dam Basin Using Geostatistical Techniques

78- Mr. Meysam Malekian Jabali

Thesis: Under Going

79- Mr. Yaghoob Harooni

Thesis: Under Going

80- Mr. Naser Reyhani

Thesis: Under Going

81- Mr. Soheyl Beygi

Thesis: Under Going

82- Mr. Ahmad Haji Zadeh

Thesis: Under Going

83- Ms. Behnaz Khosravi

Thesis: Under Going

84- Ms. Majedeh Sayahi

Thesis: Under Going





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